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Forthcoming events and training

The Forum provides opportunities for all those working in TV production to participate in events that explore human rights issues. We also provide free quarterly training on Human rights in TV: the basics. Follow the links to register.


Face-to-face meeting of industry representatives

Our next face-to-face Forum meeting will take place Tuesday 10 October 2023, 1.30-3.30pm. Topic, agenda and speakers to follow.

Guide to available production tools

Part of our Human Rights Bitesize series of 45 minute webinars exploring key topics

Tuesday 7 November 2023

1pm BST

Responsible Security Forum
(in person)

Join us  in Geneva for a breakfast panel on Inclusive Security Practices at 8am on Wednesday 6 December

Modern slavery and TV production

Part of our Human Rights Bitesize series - a 30 minute briefing on what we know so far about modern slavery risks in TV production. Join us on Anti-Slavery Day, Wednesday 18 October 2023,2.00-2.30pm BST

Human rights in TV production: the basics

Want an engaging introduction to understanding human rights in TV production? Join one of our free short training webinars. Webinar: Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 10-10.45am.

Book a Lunch & Learn or Team briefing

Would your team like an insight into a human rights topic?

We can provide 45-60 minute webinars on a range of themes:

  • Human rights in TV production - the basics

  • Making TV in challenging contexts

  • Meaningful stakeholder engagement

  • Inclusive security practices

  • Production procurement

  • Response & remedy

  • Other topics on request

FREE for members  and for productions commissioned by members

Price for non-members on application

Sporting Chance Forum
(in person)

We are partnering with the Centre for Sport and Human Rights to deliver a broadcasters' roundtable on responsible sports broadcasting in the afternoon of Wednesday 6 December at the Sporting Chance Forum in Geneva

Sign up to the Forum to join the session

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