Industry Initiatives

The Forum aims to collaborate with other industry initiatives, amplifying areas of common focus and identifying gaps that we can seek to fill with our resources and research.

We regularly engage with other bodies to ensure that we are not duplicating effort and to map the areas where work has already been done.

The links below are to external resources to address specific human rights impacts relevant to the TV production industry.


Mental Health

The Film and TV Charity has produced a toolkit for mentally healthy productions as part of its Whole Picture Programme.

Bullying And Harassment

The BFI commissioned principles and guidance for tackling and preventing bullying, harassment and racism in the screen industries.

Freelance Working Practices

Senior representatives from the UK television industry are holding quarterly discussions around working practices for freelancers under the Coalition for Change.

Climate Change

Governed by an industry consortium, Albert supports everyone working in film and TV to understand their opportunities to create positive environmental change.

Sport And Human Rights

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights works with broadcasters and other stakeholders to address human rights issues in sporting events.


The Responsible Media Forum is a partnership to identify and take action on the social and environmental challenges facing the sector.


The Film and TV Charity has developed an anti-bullying initiative and support system for everyone in film and TV.